About Noelle Motors



From an idea to reality

Noelle Motors was founded by Karl Otto Noelle in 1993,  and has continuously been at the forefront of turbo charging technology. The company has also provided software and performance parts solutions for engine and performance applications around the world.

We are proud to announce the expansion of the company into the North American market by adding manufacturing work in the state of Georgia. In January 2017, Noelle Motors USA became a reality with the help of PhD. Engineer Ronald Trochelmann.

Here at Noelle Motors USA we have high quality technicians with extended backgrounds in all facets of BMW. Ronald Trochelmann is originally from Germany, and has over 40 years of experience working on BMW’s. His education began with the inventor of the automobile, Mercedes Benz. After he received his PhD’s in engineering, he moved to the USA and has been working on BMW’s ever since. His expertise is second to none. He is world renown as one of the best BMW diagnosis and high performance experts. Through Ronalds’s contacts in Germany we are privy to all of BMW’s technical information. We maintain the most current BMW diagnostic and programming computers. We also have access to highly qualified engineers in Germany to assist us with technical issues and custom performance solutions.